What’s Serial All About, Then?

**SPOILER ALERT** – but not really, if you’re super concerned about revealing facts of the last episodes, then I guess you shouldn’t read further. It really doesn’t matter to be honest.

I thought it was perfect that the last episode of Serial began with Adanan asking Sarah Koenig, So you don’t really have no ending?” to which a bewildered SK attempts to respond, but flails, stutters, and ultimately fails.

Serial could be a lot of things to many people. As seen on reddit, a lot of Serial listeners have taken it upon themselves to investigate further, come to their own conclusions and make their own assumptions. It’s been extremely intriguing to see how the reddit community reacts to any little bit of evidence given each episode – what latches on, what prompts further digging. It’s been interesting to read into (trust me, hours can go by on that goddamn reddit page).

For me, Serial seemed more about the people involved. Not just about Adnan, Hae, Jay, or even the actual murderer. Serial is more of about human character. We see how involved and conflicted SK gets within the narrative… she’s concerned about how Adnan reacts to her questioning, she doesn’t want to overstep her boundaries with him, she has her own opinions. With Adnan, we hear his narrative, but moreover, how Sarah portrays him and how she thinks of him, how other community members thought of him at the time… all a testament to his character. And then, there’s Jay. What ARE we supposed to think of Jay?

Serial urges us to really delve into the deeper confines of the human character and really TRY to understand in what ways we can truly know a person. By their actions? By what they say? By the way others think of them? What is the true indicator? Do we think Jay is sketchy as fuck because Sarah says so, or because others have mentioned it on the show, or perhaps we just get a weird gut feeling? And that weird gut feeling – what does that mean? Is it that same gut feeling we feel when Adnan’s lawyer Christina Gutierrez’s old tapes are played – where her voice sounds almost like nails to a chalkboard?

And speaking of Miss Gutierrez… is she capable of being so negligent of her clients? Was it on purpose? Accidental? Due to her health? Are humans capable of being inherently evil? That is the real question. Not, is Adnan capable of murder.

And as listeners, it tells us a lot about who we are, depending on what we are drawn to most in the story.



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