How We Turned An Old Man’s Pied-à-terre Into My Own Apartment: PROGRESS

My dad and I both are very particular about design. As my dad has been through this process a few times, we had a particular design for the apartment in mind and an idea of how it should be executed. Throughout the 5 months of this project, we’ve encountered a few bumps, but its all a learning process!

Our "final" floor plan which has changed since.
Our “final” floor plan which has changed since.

Designing a small apartment is much different than a house. 

I mean, obviously. When you have such a smaller space, you have to be extremely strategic about where furniture is placed, how to maximize your space and emphasize the natural light. We probably changed our floor plan a half a dozen times because we had to negotiate with the space.

There is such thing as too much furniture shopping.

When my sister and I were younger my parents would drag us around to tile showrooms, fixtures and faucets places, furniture and rug stores to outfit their houses. Its probably trauma from those days, but I cannot tell you how many hours I have spent in store and online at West Elm, Room & Board, CB2, Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn. Sometimes, all you need to make an apartment a home is a TV and a couch.

Sometimes you have to micromanage.

The most difficult part of this project has been having to rely on our contractor to push things along. With my parents on the other side of the country, and my general helplessness, we knew going into this project that we definitely needed a hands on contractor. As we are nearing the completion of the apartment, we have been having issues getting certain things done. I’m not one to micro manage, but it starts to wear on you after you’ve been living in a construction zone for awhile.

The Bathroom:

Inspiration from Hotel Hugo, SoHo



My mom and I got inspired after she stayed in Hotel Hugo in SoHo over the Summer. We decided to replicate the shower door and sink and incorporate into our apartment’s bathroom. Since we’re still waiting for the sink legs and shower door to come in, they’ve installed a temporary sink and a shower curtain for the time being.

Bathroom wall tiling
Bathroom wall tiling
Floor tiling
Floor tiling


The almost completed bathroom. Still awaiting shower door and sink, as well as the vanity and mirrored walls.

The Kitchen:

Inspiration from West Village apartment’s kitchen: 

I'll take the KitchenAid, too.
I’ll take the KitchenAid, too.

When I was looking at apartments over the Summer, we loved the design of one West Village 1 br apartment’s kitchen. Particularly because despite it being so tiny, the kitchen was very well done. My dad and I specifically loved the Bertazzoni oven, which we also had installed in our kitchen.

IMG_0452The kitchen a few weekends ago. Terrifying.

IMG_0472We knocked out that weird wall, replaced it with a peninsula with some storage and the microwave installed.

IMG_9651I have yet to peel the blue plastic off of any of my appliances (not like I’m planning to cook anytime soon, anyways). Fridge by Liebherr, Bertazzoni oven, Miele dishwasher, Silestone countertops. The cabinetry and drawers obviously need to be finished, sink installed and the marble backsplash put in.


It’s getting there. Hoping to wrap this all up by the end of the week… fingers crossed!

Stay tuned for photos of the completed apartment!


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