Goodbye Duffy, Enter: Matt Moore

This is for all of you Giants fans who are mourning the loss of a great, runner up R.O.Y. candidate, Matt Duffy. Scrawny Matt Duffy came to the SF Giants when we were mourning the loss of another player… a much larger, fatter, player to be frank… Pablo Sandoval. Pablo jumped ship and left us for Dunkin Donuts Boston, but not before breaking our hearts amid our No Pablo, please don’t go! whines. Our hearts were ripped out of our chests. Pablo, a fan favorite, left us… who would be our third baseman? Who would be our clutch hit in the bottom of the 9th? The lovable Panda we all adorned ourselves in stupid Panda hats in favor of? Well he LEFT US… you can read my strongly worded letter to Pablo here.

Enter: Matt Duffy. A former Dirtbag (look it up, he went to Long Beach) and 18th round draft pick, not much was to be expected of the guy. The rookie showed big in 2014, being the youngest player on the roster in the World Series and contributing to their eventual title. He was a utility player, but soon won over the starting spot at third once Casey McGehee realized he was too old. Needless to say, Duffman’s 2015 was prolific for a rookie.

And now we’re here, Duffy-less and mourning. TBH, not even a photo of Duffy and his fat cat Skeeter can make me feel better about this.

But here are some cool things about Matt Moore that can help you get over Duffy, anyways:

He’s a dog person.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 2.41.33 PM

So slight upgrade from Duffy being a cat-person but this is cool I guess.

He found out he was traded while playing football.


Multi-talented. That’s cool, I guess.

He’s an army brat

According to his Wikipedia page he was born in FL, moved to Okinawa, then to New Mexico. Safe to say he doesn’t have any type of allegiance to staying put on a particular team…great.

He’s one of two Matt Moore’s in pro sports


The other being Matt Moore, backup QB of the Miami Dolphins. Is Matt Moore a thing in Florida?


And thats all I have for you right now.

We bid you farewell, Duffy… Duffman. Thanks for the memories. You’ll always be a Giant in our books.


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