A Prayer for America

It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Church… talked to God even. But today – more than ever – America needs to pray to their higher powers.

I pray that in this future all Americans can continue to look at each other through the lens of equality. 

That my fellow female allies in  this country can continue to lift each other up. That’s the only way we can be stronger than hatred, sexism and misogyny – is to build upon each other, help each other, encourage and support each other. Female empowerment doesn’t need to start with the presidency – it starts with us. In the workplace, at schools, in our neighborhoods. We can all find ways to lift each other up.

I pray that women continue to build off of the fact that we had a female run for president this year – a huge step in and of itself. That young women, little girls, continue to look at strong, female role models and still believe that they can one day be President of the United States.

I pray that this election doesn’t discourage hope, but instills in us a fire to continue to build.

I pray that legislation, ideas and thoughts aren’t manipulated and formed by misogyny. That women’s bodies, opinions, voices are just as important as our male counterparts. That women are entitled to make decisions for themselves – not have legislation, or a man, make those decisions for them.

I pray that whatever hateful rhetoric, ideas and opinions have been said in public – Americans can continue to treat each other with the respect and love we all deserve.

That anyone outside of the privileged classes of American society who have faced hatred and negativity in this election cycle – our peers of color, the LGBTQ community, immigrants, the poor and marginalized – still feel that their fellow Americans will stand next to them and love them.

That, no matter who we are – where we come from, what socio-economic class we come from, what race we are, what sex we are, what discriminations we have or haven’t faced – we hold the responsibility of keeping our country free.

I pray that as a country we continue to hold to the highest regard the ideas and principles of freedom of speech, race and religion. 

That we all have a right to exercise these rights.

That we all respect these freedoms.

Today, we can be upset, angry, infuriated… incredulous, really. We’re allowed to feel sad and disheartened. But soon – maybe not tomorrow or this week or this month – I pray that we all find a way to build a community and unite, regardless of skin color, gender, sexual orientation and class. Thats what we need to do because we’re all in this together.

We can’t forget how far we’ve come, we really can’t. But I also pray that we continue to move forward, that our country doesn’t become complacent with our progress.

I pray we continue to celebrate love, unity and the voices of all Americans. 


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