YouCanKissMySass.com is a website and personal blog featuring Lifestyle, Dating, Humor, Current Events, and Entertainment.

This is not a fashion blog. YCKMS does not believe in fashion, but in style.
I believe style is personal, not dictated by trends, timeliness, the industry or designers.
I believe in women wearing menswear – mens shirts and pants: borrowed, purchased, stolen, found.

This is not a lifestyle blog. YCKMS does not believe in lofty goals, but in aspirations.
I believe everything is attainable.
I believe in a sense of self and knowing what you are able to accomplish.
I believe in empowerment.

This is not a dating blog. YCKMS does not believe in rules, but in making up the rules as you go along.
I believe “tips”, “rules” etc. that women’s magazines often tell us about confine us.
I believe in going with what feels right, and not predefining things.

This is not a feminist blog. YCKMS does not believe in limiting terms like “feminism”, but in the ways that women can decide for themselves how to be empowered.
I believe in constructing identities that do not necessarily fit with the “hetero-norm”.
I believe in sexual politics that are based off of autonomy, rather than assumptions.

This is not a personal blog. YCKMS does not believe in bragging online or oversharing, but in discussing topics others can relate to.
I believe that not all 20-somethings are alike, but we can find things to discuss that we share in common.
I believe in sarcasm.
I believe in off color humor.
I believe in living without a filter.



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